Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Drained Me Empty and Hung Me Out To Dry

"I wrote this two nights ago, so it's recent. Incredibly tentative about my writing of poetry... not so sure how well I can judge it's quality. But it's more for my benefit than yours..."

I'm out of words, and out of touch

To be honest I didn't think it could hurt this much

I'm losing feeling, brain cells too

I'm losing everything, I lost you.

I thought I could set anything down on a page

I thought that was the answer

But I'm sitting here dazed

And the thoughts are spinning around in my head

Washing machine, clothes dryer,

Just put me to bed.

I'm searching for letters, to make just one word,

But nothing is coming, say I'm being absurd.

And the fear is growing from deep in my chest

My one escape gone, help me, I'm out of my depth/

Well the light at the end of the tunnel has gone,

I'm so empty, so hollow, don't care what's going on,

And I'm dripping, I'm melting, I'm fading away,

Nothing you do makes me want to stay.

"Hello, I'm the ghost, the ghost of your past,

Aren't I familiar, did I slip by so fast?"

The words gallop away,

Leaving me trapped within

My deepest fear,

"Let me out", or come in!

I'm chasing these futile lines in the wind,

Leaving you to this world

So gloriously dim,

And I'll look back but keep on forever this way,

Keeping, keeping, the memories at bay.

"it's the worst thing ever, i only do prose. and it's unstructured, written on the top of my head, may come back and fix it later, but eh."

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