Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I had sex with my father to make him happy" who wants a longer version?

sighhh. Okay so I called it "Her Daddy Said So" but you know, sure, "I had sex with my father" describes it far more clearly ^_^
anyway so two people have asked for like, a longer, proper version
ehhh not a fan of rewriting or restructuring stuff i've already written but if i get more than two people wanting, well i am but here to serve /pssh
sooo if you want more, >.<, people always want more lol aha little cynical voice there,
anyway, yeah you have to comment, not just tick those damn boxes, stupid idea >.<
soooo comment
and i'll get to work on that other thing previously as well, ze washing machine / lighter / letter thing....
so.. /bows
what would you like, my people?
AHAHAHAH my people...
i appreciate constructive criticism a lot.


  1. it was creepy enough the first time, even longer would just be complete emotional death

    i say, no its fine as it is

  2. I want you to work on both. I'm greedy lol.
    Oh, and I accepted your challenge.
    Check the comments where you left yours on my blog, kay?
    Love you

  3. ahahahahhaa ACTUAL LOL at sam. or should i say, samaritan? ahahaha. sam you crack me up. i hate that i say "actual lol"... and not just on here, in real life too.. >.< SADFACE

  4. I just think it is a very original, and well written piece, with lots of potential.I agree with Samaritan it was emotionally draining, but the fact that it was shows you have a talent to draw people in and let them experience the agony and fear of this poor girl.
    If you do write a longer version *(as I suggested) it should be for yourself -to grow in your writing ability and challenge yourself --not to force yourself to please the crowd :)