Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Without You

This started out as just a silly comment to my sister on Facebook. I did really like it though, but didn't really have anywhere to go with it... So, here's my attempt at turning it into poetry...

Our home fades colder
Every day without you...

Lovelorn and lacklustre,
The spiders spin shadows in the dark of this dying house.
Emptiness piles higher,
Higher, in the corners -


the air,
chokes the last breath
the last
of life.

Vestiges fading, trailing, torn,
tattered curtains silent to the floor -
Listless mourners, these sentinels.
Watching in sorrow.
Decaying with it all.

Are we trapped in it yet, in these frozen depths?
Corpses of the sea -


Come back and save us. For the stillness grows.

1 comment:

  1. There is a feeling deep inside
    as dreary as a winternight
    It darkens all my pride
    and drives away the light

    There is a feeling in my soul
    it feels marooned and far too cold
    I stand alone to face the wheel of time unfold

    Darkness falls inside of me
    and the sorrow's growing day by day
    And though my life's a broken memory
    there's a door and there's a key

    Sorrow comes with silent tears
    and the dawn still haunts my darkest fears
    What have we both become throughout these years
    There's a serpent in all tears

    There is a river in my dreams
    that runs so wide, that runs so deep
    And by its riverine
    I still can hear you weep

    There is a winter in my heart
    so freezing cold and utter dark
    It keeps me down and tears my sanity apart