Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flawed Reflection

She broke my heart with every glance I stole at her, with every word about it that slipped from her mouth. She was my younger sister, and she was beautiful. And she had no idea what she was doing. Or maybe she did. Who could say? Either way, it broke my heart. In the mornings, preparing for school in the bathroom, betwixt brushing of teeth, make-up application and hair syling, I'd sometimes catch her looking at me, oddly, intently. I'd ask what was the matter and her answer nearly stopped my breath. "You're so pretty... All the time." I'd stop in the middle of curling one set of eye lashes, as a twinge of something akin to sorrow shot through me. I wondered what she would said if I told her the same thing, and I despised the reply I knew I would receive.

My gorgeous sister, so blind to her own assets, the least of which was beauty. Why did she feel the need to correct these perceived imperfections she saw in himself? How could she not see what shone out so clearly for everyone else to see? I wanted to scream out what I saw in her, all the good she could never see; scream so that she would hear, and realise it for herself. And yet, for all my trying, she could never see the same person when she looked in the mirror that I saw when I looked at her.

Matter of perspective, indeed.


  1. is this what you were trying to write?

  2. Nah lol, i wrote this a few days back. it's so... insubstantial. That waas something else.

  3. remind you of anyone?

  4. my sister maybe? ^_^ hah. and me, a bit. but shhh

  5. p.s. i just realised and can't believe i used "assets" when talking about my sister. or just, used assests full stop.